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 title: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. 
character/pairing: Quirrell/Alice Longbottom. 
rating: G
word-count: 197.
summeryHe lies when he tells the story of his turban to the class - there was no African prince.
author's notes: The first out of a series of thirteen written for my [ profile] rarepair_shorts table. The prompt used was that's another story. I've got the first seven or so of these already written have had for a while so hopefully the wait wont be too long before it's finished. I hope you enjoy. 

He lies when he tells the story of his turban to the classes – there was no African Prince.

The person he honestly receives the gift from wasn’t a prince. She wasn’t even African. Nor, he smiles slightly at the thought, was she a Longbottom at the time.

Alice Beddau is a dream that haunts his hours, that turns his skin cold and yet warms his heart at the same time. Alice Beddau is a girl, a woman before her time. He knows not who she has become, but only the bundle of temper, braided hair and moon-like eyes he remembers.
And sometimes, when it haunts him the most, he does not even hold those memories as his own.

Alice Beddau is a welsh-women turned Longbottom. A girl he holds in a place even deeper then his heart. And indefinitely; a memory he turns into a Prince because sometimes, a dream that haunts your every hours just isn’t enough.

Alice Beddau is a different story from the women Alice Longbottom she has become. She is a different story from the man he has grown to be. She is a different story from the life he wished to leave.

second chapter.
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