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  title: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
character/pairing: Quirrell/Alice Longbottom.
rating: G
word-count: 217.
summery: He lies when he tells the story of his turban to the class - there was no African prince.
author's notes: Written for the third installment of my [ profile] rarepair_shorts prompt table with the prompt of Out of the Shadows.  
Chapter one here.
Chapter two here.

In the beginning, he does not dare utter how much the simple gift means to him. He thanks her and she smiles and they let their talk shift to other things.

They speak of birds and animals she has seen. She gabbles about their colours and he listens, silently, completely rapt within her. He watches a she spins and flips her hands as they talk, each movement punctuating her words and he realizes that Africa has not changed her. Secretly, he wonders if it were even possible for her to change.

“You’re staring again.”

She is still smiling and he knows he does not have to blush. Between them this enters commonplace and their tête-à-tête begins again.

This time they talk of places she has seen and people she has met and quickly he is drawn back into her whirl of words and phrases. He doesn’t not notice when they are joined by a shadow.

“Frank!” She yelps the name, and leaps to her feet to hug the boy who owns the shadow.

She turns to him then, introducing Frank who stands next to her shoulder. “He’s on the Quidditch team.” And with that, the shadow is drawn into their conversation.

She begins her tales again and suddenly he realizes that things have finally begun to change.


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