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This is just a trial post from my [ profile] fangirl_tour post that's due in tomorrow. It contains thirteen recs from seven different fandoms (Harry Potter, Inception, Gattaca, Narnia, Dead Poet's Society and the Outsiders). Feel free to ignore for the moment being - I plan on linking to my actual post tomorrow. Unless you're [ profile] peyton07 of course. In which case you are forced to read.

Title: A Journey.
Artist: [ profile] reira_21
Pairing/characters: Draco/Harry
Rating: pg-13
Status: complete
Summary: This is Draco's long journey into the tunnel of Harry's subconscious, where he is lost and trapped. A mother will help him along the way. Divided in 4 parts.

Why I fangirl this: ljdksfasgdg because I'm not blind. No, the artist is amazing: she has a style so utterly perfect you can't help but love her work. If I could have, I would have just linked you all to her master post and told you to go wild. You don't even have to be in the fandom let alone ship the pairing to enjoy her pieces. It's dark and perfect and beautiful and i wasn't joking when I said I fangirl this because I'm not blind.

Title: Life's Disappointments
Author: [ profile] lotus_lizzy
Pairing/character: Charlie and Scorpius
Rating: pg-13
Status: Complete
Summary: A child’s imagination can be a wonderful thing, but it is often forgotten in favour of growing up.

Scorpius sat at his desk with the cockatrice doll staring right back at him.

"You are not real."

Scorpius waited for any reaction for the doll but it sat, lifeless, on the hard wood.

Looking at the doll’s cloth covering and misshapen proportions, Scorpius wondered how he had ever believed this doll to be a real animal.

"I prefer tea, now."

He wasn’t sure what he was doing, but this bird had a funny way of pulling words out of his mouth.

Why I fangirl this: Because this is a funny little story about childhood and how Scorpius is pulled out of it too fast. It's about imaginary friends (of which I personally had by the thousands) and about what it's like to have them torn away instead of waving them goodbye. It's written brilliantly and a strange mix of Winnie the Pooh and Calvin and Hobbs all mixed up in the HP verse.

Title: Sodom and Gainsborough
Author: [ profile] pandapens
Pairing/character Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete.
Summary: Non magical AU - Remus Lupin is a miserable priest, caught up in a huge scandal. When Sirius Black (old flame and now astrophysicist) walks back into his life after 10 years, he finds himself getting a little more than he bargained for.

“Are you getting aggressive, Sir?” the Policeman asked, raising an eyebrow. Remus sank lower into his seat. Even though he was aware he should probably say something to attempt to dig himself out of the hole he’d made (the shovel he’d used had the words, alcohol, being Remus Lupin and orphan buggering on it), but he also thought he was quite angry; he was quite angry and the policeman was quite an arse and Remus really needed someone to take it out on.

“I’m not being aggressive, I’m being vulgar. There’s a difference, you empty-headed wank stain. ”

Why I fangirl this: Because I was so bloody hesitant to read this before I actually did. I went into this story expecting to hate it and came out of it having found one of the best Remus/Sirius stories I've read in years. It's completely unique to other R/S fics out there - and by god, are there a lot. It takes an AU idea and runs with in fantastically.

Title: The Best Goodbyes Are Yours
Author: [ profile] traincar
Pairing/character: Arthur/Eames
Status: Complete
Summary: Eames knows how to say goodbye and Arthur knows how to say hello and this is why they're doing it right.

So he sits and eats and feels like a boy in an oversized shirt that isn’t his with a spoon in his hand that keeps an erratic beat against the bowl. And there’s a heartbeat in this, he thinks. Somewhere, there has to be a heartbeat in what they do, this back and forth, because nothing is alive without a heartbeat and Eames, he thinks, we are very much alive.

Why I fangirl this: BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL. There's a poetic sense and it's a story about Arthur and Eames but it's also a story about Mal. Everything this girl writes is quite simply beautiful. I recommend everything she's written but there's something about this one, and more importantly about the few sentences that I gave as an excerpt that I love.

Fandom: Inception and Doctor Who crossover.
Title: He's Gone By Many Names (and then three squeals)
Author: [ profile] arty_darc
Pairing/character: Arthur/Eames
Rating: pg
Status: well kinda complete but there might possibly be more.
Summary: "What if I said I wasn't from around here?"

"I would say, 'Of course you're not'."

"And I didn't mean England."

“. . . Fine. I’ll play. And how did you get here?”

“Well, I could show you if you’d like.”



“—Do you have to call me Eames?” he asks, turning away from the consoles. He’ll change things up later. There are even bigger concerns, things he really out to put right now.

And Arthur's still stepping in and out like a child on the border of two towns, even as he says:

“I’ve called you Eames for seven years. Yes, I do.”

Why I fangirl this: Eames is the twelfth doctor. Arthur is his companion. I don't believe anything else needs to be said.

Title: Janus
Author: [ profile] wayoffbase
Pairing/character: Arthur/Eames
Rating: r
Status: Complete
Summary: Janus. In Roman mythology, Janus is the god of gates, doors, doorways, beginnings, endings, and time. He was frequently used to symbolize change and transitions such as the progression of past to future, of one condition to another, of one vision to another, the growing up of young people, and of one universe to another.

Inside is an almost complete set of make-up. It has all the basics – lipstick, lip gloss, foundation, blush, eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara. All in colours Eames likes or that look good on him or both. Arthur knows him well by now, and he knows what Eames will like, what will suit him. He also knows how much Eames has missed expressing himself, and although they have the PASIV, and Eames can go under and become a woman whenever he wants, it isn’t the same, can never be fully satisfying, especially not for long periods of time, because it just isn’t real. And it won’t ever be real. And Eames is okay with that, has learned to accept what he has. But it helps when he has this, when he can change reality, just that little bit.

Why I fangirl this:  This story handles Eames' transsexuality in such a beautiful, wonderful and utterly brilliant way. Eames never loses character and more than a story about Arthur and Eames, it's a character study of Eames. The way the author describes Eames relationships with other people and with the two sides of himself - ohmygod. It's one of those stories that make you completely heartbroken with jealousy over the fact that you didn't write it.

Title: The Gates of Horn and Ivory
Author: [ profile] jibrailis
Pairing/character: Arthur/Eames
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete.

There are two options here. Either Eames is a projection and/or forgery, or he's real and sharing Arthur's dream. Arthur can't read either one into the way Eames smiles at him, open and affectionate. It's nothing like how Eames has ever smiled at him in real life, which makes Arthur's brain shift towards the projection end of the scale, except that it's an awfully good projection. He may not have firsthand knowledge but the smile is exactly how he has seen Eames smile at other people before, and this Eames smells right, and looks right, down to the small imperfections of skin and hair.


Title: Fallen
Author: Confusedknight
Pairing/character: Keladry of Mindelan
Rating: T
Status: On-going
Summary: Kicked out of Page training, Kel becomes entangled in a bitter struggle for the suffering people of Scanra. Four years later she returns to Tortall, a stranger to those who once knew her, a stranger who has not forgotten the promises she made...

'I hope,' Kel spoke up, 'That any of you, all of you, would help to continue to train Greenwoods defensive forces. At best you'll be given another thirty men to defend this camp. By the end of the summer you'll have at least six hundred, if not more, refugees. It's grossly unfair to ask so few to defend so many. I urge you to make use of the refugees.' She paused before ploughing on, 'I know many nobles speak badly of commoners but these villagers have lead hard lives. They've lost nearly everything in this war and will fight as hard as any soldier to protect the loved ones they have left. Show them the way and they'll be willing to defend this camp to their last.'

Why I fangirl this: SO, i've been reading this fic from practically the time it started up. This fic is what people mean when they say epic saga. So for anyone who's read the Kel books, we all know Kel get's to stay after her probationary year at the Palace. This story starts with the idea that she didn't. It's epic and amazing and not quite finished. It's brilliant in a way that these completely different events end in the same character that's present at the end of the Protector of the Small quartet. The OC's are brilliant. The characterisation is brilliant and the best part? Everyone who's ever read it secretly wishes that this was the published version instead.

Title: Five Times Susan Almost Remembered Narnia
Author: [ profile] amazingly_me
Pairing/character: Susan Pevensie
Rating: pg
Status: Complete
Summary: Susan is eighteen and three different boys want to take her dancing on Saturday night. One boy, though, wants to take her to an archery range — something different, he says, and grins toothily — and despite the curlers in her hair screaming otherwise, the pumps gazing at her forlornly from her closet, his is the invitation she accepts.

Susan is twenty-one and this dinner party is all mother has talked about for weeks. Who will be there, and who will see her there, and who will hear that she was there, and who will care. Susan is excited, of course. She long ago learned that the opportunities presented at dinner parties are far greater then those presented in job interviews. And of course, looking the part is half the struggle.

Why I fangirl this: Susan is a character so under-loved in this fandom, specially after her time in Narnia. This fic is written so simply and in clear-cut words and it makes it all the more beautiful. It's kinda the story that got me into the fandom to tell you the truth.

Title: Broken Knife
Author: Destina
Pairing/character: Dallas Winston, Johnny Cade, Ponyboy Curtis and Sodapop Curtis
Rating: mature
Status: Complete.
Summary: It seems to Johnny he's been watching Dallas Winston his whole life.

Dally gives him things, nothing of consequence, just trinkets. An empty Band-Aid tin that Dally passes to him when they're out drinking one night by the wash. It's smooth, hollow; it's like the inside of Johnny's chest, anytime he's not with Dally. He packs it up with his smokes so there's no space left for things to rattle around inside.

There are other things, too. A plastic whistle Dally's kid sister found in a cereal box, or pieces of gum in shiny foil. All of them treasures to Johnny, who has nothing of his own, except Dally. Always Dally.

Why I fangirl this: I think the main reason I fangirl this is because of how true it is to the characters. I was in the Outsiders fandom for a few years before leaving it and I've just recently returned. This is one of the brilliant fics I've found since being back there. And one of the things I've noticed about this fandom is how it's how to keep the characters true to how they are within the novel; I think fic hits the nail on the head in that aspect.

Title: Over the Rooftops of the World
Author: [ profile] syllic
Pairing/character: Neil Perry/Todd Anderson
Rating: R
Status: Complete

By the time Todd is fourteen, he's gotten pretty good at carving out a small space for himself to be himself. The space really is small—tiny, even—but he's gotten good at keeping other people out of it.

Why I fangirl this: If you've ever seen the film (which if you haven't, drop everything you are doing and watch it right this moment) there's a lot about Todd that's left unsaid. He's learnt to keep other's out, you know there's always been the aspect of his brother shadowing over him - but the thing is, you never really get inside his brain. That's where this fic comes in.

Title: In Motion
Author: littledust
Pairing/character: Neil Perry/Todd Anderson
Rating: General Audiences
Status: Complete
Summary: Neil Perry is not, in fact, a very talented poet. It is rather intimidating to find out that his roommate is.

Another boy gets up to read his poem after Mr. Keating pans poetry out of Todd like gold from a river, but Neil doesn't hear a thing. His mind is still reeling from a sensation that feels curiously like elation. Neil is fiercely glad that his classmates had the sense to applaud Todd's poem--glad, and jealous at the same time. He has seen this poetry in Todd all along, though he never expected a display of such unexpected--grace, that's the word for it, though there is nothing less graceful than Todd Anderson trying his hand at public speaking.

Why I fangirl this: like the above DPS fic, there's a lot that's unsaid in the film and every little piece of information that's gained from this fic is a wonder. Most of all, I love the descriptions in this fic - mainly the insights Neil has on his roommate. Dead Poet's Society is kinda a dead fandom at this moment in time (at least of lj) but this is one of my favourites.

Title: The Beauty of the Dark
Author: [ profile] candle_beck
Pairing/character: Vincent/Jerome
Rating: R
Status: Complete
Summary: You don't belong here, and I wish you would stay.

The strange thing is, he does belong up there, for all his flaws, his weaknesses, for all the ways he has fallen short in this place. He belongs up there, and he will be able to look God in the eye, he will be able to demand his answers and ask for forgiveness, and forgiveness will be granted to him. He belongs up in the beauty of the dark, it fits him like nothing on this planet ever has.

He will see God up there, I am sure. He will find what he has been looking for.

Why I fangirl this: Ok, so we study Gattaca for bloody yonks at school. What amazed me about the whole class unit was no one else in my bloody class saw the relationship between Jerome and Vincent. After some searching in the fanfic world I didn't come up with much but this is one of the few I did ♥
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