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Title; Staring Down The Sun
Rating/warnings; PG.
Word count; 1192
Characters; Eames/Arthur
Notes; Written ae_match.
A huge thank you to [ profile] sparrow_hubris for the copious amounts of reading and beta duties you did. I'd also like to thank [ profile] paperstains and [ profile] ohmydarlingdear for being utter wonders to collab with :3

SO YES, as well as fic. This also has art by [ profile] paperstains and a podfic by [ profile] ohmydarlingdear

Summary; "Arthur’s fascination with fire starts with his sister."  --  FIREMAN AU
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Title; Nature of Dust
Rating/warnings; PG.
Word count; 883
Characters; Eames/Arthur, Mal/Dom
Notes; Written [ profile] ae_match with the prompt of covers.
This is somewhat based on Never Let Me Go, but not really, considering I never finished book nor movie. Or maybe it’s more accurate to say I took the general idea and completely and utterly bullshitted all the details.

Summary; "Mal’s always stood by the idea that she doesn’t believe in love, so it’s somewhat a surprise to Arthur when she’s the one to place forward the idea."

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Title; Opinions Won't Keep You Warm at Night
Rating/warnings; PG.
Word count; 1078
Characters; Eames/Arthur
Notes; Written for this prompt on the  [ profile] inception_kink meme. Unbeta'd.
Summary; "Arthur doesn’t return for two weeks. This is when Eames starts to worry."

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 Title; Where the Side Walk Knows My Face. 
Rating/warnings; G
Word count; 709. 
Characters; Arthur/Eames
Notes; Written for this prompt on the Inception kink meme.  It's something I kinda forgot I wrote until I was looking though the prompts and re-read it. It's small, quick and something akin to a drabble.
Summary; "It starts with Arthur's sign: room for let/inquire within." AU. 

I+ )
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Title; Sitting on the Shelf. 
Rating/warnings; G
Word count; 1078
Characters; Arthur/Eames
Notes; Written for this  prompt on the Inception kink meme.  EDIT: THIS FIC NOW HAS ART by [ profile] gray_queen. LOOK AT IT, IT'S BEAUTIFUL.
Summary; "Sarah sends him with stamps plastered onto the cardboard and twine keeping the box together. "  coin operated AU where Eames is Arthur's coin operated boy. 

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 Title; Roll Away Your Stone. 
Rating/warnings; G
Word count; 1986
Characters; Arthur/Eames
Notes; written for this prompt: Their relationship from their totems point of view on the inception kinkmeme, and is singularly, the oddest thing I have ever written and not to mention the first Inception fic.
Summary; "There are a million and one stories in the world. Everyone, everything, has a story - if you are willing to listen of course."

over here, because I'm lazy. 


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