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 Title; Six Months in a Leaky Boat.
Rating/warnings; PG.
Word count; 1691.
Characters; Regulus Black/Remus Lupin.
Notes; Written for the [ profile] rarepair_shorts fic exchange,  [ profile] captainpookey being the recipient. I also accidentally misspelt the title on the original posting, so, ALSO KNOWN AS: Six Months is a Leaky Boat >.>
I WIPE MY HANDS OF THIS FIC. I hated writing it, I hate it now: so much angst this fic caused and I shall never be happy with it. Therefore, I'm going to leave it here and pretend it never happened. I think the main problem is Regulus, who I love to bits and pieces (he's my favourite character ;___;) and I never write him because I love him too much. That makes sense, don't disagree. He kind doesn't have a character and IDK, I just wasn't overly happy with the way this turned out. Thank you to  [ profile] native_spirit and Indy for the beta ♥
Summary; "Regulus is two months away from seventeen when he plans his own death."

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Title; Welcome to the Occupation.
Rating/warnings; G
Word count; 1460
Characters; Louis Weasley. 
Notes; I should be writing the several pieces for the exchanges I've signed up for, instead, I did this. This is basically me playing around with a character I don't see a lot of. 
Summary; "He lives his life, of course, but he watches others’ with a transfixed fascination."

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 Title; What He Wrote
Rating/warnings; G
Word count; 593
Characters; James Potter
Notes; Written for a challenge, the general idea of which was to write a story in under an hour - this is what I came up with. Title taken for the Laura Marling song by the same name.
Summary; "James’ third book is published and – for a moment – he doesn’t give a shit."

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title: The Tally of Lights.
character/pairing: Dominique/Molly II 
rating: pg. 
word-count: 1432.
summery: "Count me the stars Dom."
author's notes: Written for [ profile] hamimifk during the [ profile] rarepair_shorts fic exchange. 

the tally of lights
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title: A simple game of pick up sticks
pairing/characters: Remus/Narcissa
word count: 305
beta: [profile] native_spirit
rating: PG
prompt: 'like a game of pick up sticks' for my [ profile] rarepair_shorts table.
summery: If only he'd been picked, the chance to soar among the stars.

a simple game of pick up sticks )
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Prompt: A kiss makes the heart young again and wipe out the years. [ profile] prompt_in_a_box 
Word Count: 109.
Rating: PG
Warning: Slash, although noting graphic.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
A/N: Well i've had a little writer's block over the last few weeks and this was the first thing that came to mind. ENJOY!


It was one kiss ...  )



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